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Web-Based Mentoring Program



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One Year Web-Based Program Curriculum

The Kectil Web-based Program consists of 12 Modules:

  • Introduction and Mission
  • Lessons on Leadership from Martin Luther King and other transformational change makers
  • Enabling Women to Succeed in Society
  • Population Growth and its Effect on Youth & Youth Unemployment and Poverty Employment
  • Colonialism and Occupation
  • Innovation to Advance Society
  • Entrepreneurship and Corporate Product Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Personal and Group Management
  • Good Government
  • Local Projects to Improve Communities
  • Wrap-up and What’s Next?

The modules consist of thought-provoking assignments, case studies and web-sessions.

Kectil Colleagues are provided with a platform write Blog articles about Kectil subjects, matters affecting your country or region or current perspectives on topical issues. We post well written articles that are thought provoking. Their blogs encourage and inspire other colleagues who read and leave comments.

Kectil Colleagues are also given the platform to share news on the current happenings in their personal lives, communities, and countries. We like to celebrate and feature colleagues’ academic awards, community services, scholarships, etc. This also serves as a motivation to their peers to aspire higher in their fields of endeavor.

The Kectil Program creates discussion groups for the Kectil Colleagues in the various regions to facilitate discussions, meet each other, discuss topics of interest and perhaps even meet in person. We create discussion groups in the Colleague Connect website. The groups are led by selected Regional Leaders from the Youth Leadership Council and Superior Performance Awardees. The Regional Leaders facilitate the group discussions.

The Kectil Program gives two awards to outstanding participants: the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Atlanta Conference Awards and the Kectil Mentor Awards.

The Developing Countries Youth Leadership Atlanta Conference Award is given to stand-out participants in the Kectil Program. The awardees are invited to attend the intensive one-week leadership workshop held in Atlanta, Georgia.

We select a number of Kectil Colleagues with superior performance to receive the Kectil Mentor Award. The Colleagues are assigned a mentor for the next year to communicate with and seek advice. The mentors awarded are usually in line with the awardees areas of interest and career path.

We award four kinds of Certificates: Youth Leadership Council Certificate, Certificate of Excellent Performance, Certificate of Superior Performance and Certificate of Participation. The Kectil team reviews the engagement of each Colleague over the entire year based on the number of assignments completed and other contributions and determines which certificate they earn.

Certificates of Excellent Performance are earned by stand out Colleagues demonstrate consistent engagement with the Program throughout the year. Certificates of Superior Performance are earned by colleagues who demonstrate a significant level of contribution. Colleagues who earn either of these two certificates are selected as Peer Mentors for the next cohort.

Kectil Colleagues who do not qualify for either of the above certificates will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Kectil Colleagues who attend the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta also receive an additional Certificate to commemorate their participation in the intensive leadership workshop. They are also selected to form the Youth Leadership Council for the next cohort.

The Kectil Program creates a Youth Leadership Council made up of exemplary colleagues who attend the Developing Countries Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The Youth Leadership Council act as mentors and as guides throughout the year. They will also manage and run the Kectil Alumni website.