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Innovation By Design Thinking For Sustainable Development Training

This training is designed to help the participants understand the process of sustainable innovation by applying a proven methodology to develop radical alternative solutions to the global challenges of today and the future. The training allows the participants to define challenges, map out stakeholders, apply the design thinking methodology and test the solutions developed in real life scenarios to assess their innovative capacity and potential to contribute to societal impact. The participants are taken through the journey that begins from challenge definition to stakeholder mapping and communication to the application of an innovation and impact planning methodology, project verification by hypothesis testing and later allowing participants to iterate post the training for solution scaling.

The training allows participants to interact with stakeholders’ challenges in order to create user centric solutions to the selected challenges. The training also includes intense weekly seminars on targeted topics affecting the youth in Kenya including mental health, career planning, networking, fundraising ethical leadership and governance, Personality assessment and team work dynamics.

Objectives of the training

  • To develop the ability of youth leaders to define challenges from societal problems
  • To build the capacity of youth leaders to develop alternative solutions addressing the challenge(s) defined
  • To develop the innovation capacity of youth leaders to enable them to apply developed solutions in solving societal challenges