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Young leaders’ policy, innovation and entrepreneurship program.

Are you ready to experience meaningful networking, gain valuable connections, contribute to public policy, advance your innovation skills and access mentorship from industry experts?  Join our program waiting for the 2024 Young Leaders’ policy, innovation and entrepreneurship program in Kenya.

Secure early access and be among the first to be selected for the exclusive 2024 Kectil Kenya events and training on public policy, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Program Benefits

  • Connect and be mentored by industry leaders in business, social innovation and public policy
  • Access a global network of talented youth in more than 80 countries globally
  • Learn to analyze public policy and develop policy briefs
  • Connect and debate policy ideas with policy makers
  • Write and publish policy white papers to improve on public policy in the country
  • Access training courses on design thinking
  • Access the Kectil Kenya public dialogue events countywide
  • Join the Kectil Kenya community of think tanks
  • KECTIL is a place where young leaders and entrepreneurs who are deliberate about driving a positive impact in their community come together. To be part of these young people from all over the world, who have shared dreams and goals of impacting communities is the most phenomenal experience a youth anywhere in the world can get.

    Immanuel Mwanza
    Managing Director at E-Mark
  • I am passionate about helping young people get skills that are aligned with the work opportunities in the market. KECTIL is a vehicle that drives that agenda in over 80 developing countries.

    Yangeni Chandela
    Author & HR Manager at Oryx energies
  • It has been an evolving journey of gaining and sharpening my skills which I have used to accelerate impact.

    Vicky Aridi
    Program Manager at Youth Economic Opportunities 2030
  • In KECTIL, we have the opportunity to enact change by working together in a very diverse and knowledgeable environment

    Danerine Mendieta
    Coordinator of programs at Youth opportunities
  • The speakers were really good. I got provoked to dig into the world of entrepreneurship just by listening to the work that have been done by other people.

    Fatima Bamakhanova
    Global Citizen Year TAL, 2023 cohort
  • I’ve learnt about different cultures and how despite our differences we can work together to resolve the most complex of our problems

    Amna Muhammad Yousif
    Kectil colleague, Pakistan
  • KECTIL is for people who have seen something beyond an idea and their mind is lock in with commitment and passion to see the idea come to life. It is about committed young people who want to be high-impact players by changing their communities.

    Koffi Opuku
    Senior business analyst at Sysco
  • I was drawn to KECTIL to mentor young leaders interested in entrepreneurship and innovation which I’m passionate about.

    Thamsanqa Hoza
    Queen’s Young Leader Awards winners for 2018 and Founder, Hot Nozzle
  • My social network has greatly grown in social entrepreneurship and leadership globally through KECTIL

    Lennox Omondi
    Global Hultprize 2022 winner and CEO, ECObana

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