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The male promise keepers’ campaign

This program challenges males to stand up to a large leadership role to protect females in their societies. To address this, Kectil initiated a “1000 Males Campaign”! The campaign challenges men to take the Kectil Male Promise Leader Pledge:

  • When you see a female you find attractive, you must ask yourself this VERY important question. “If I am with this female and she gets pregnant, would I be willing to take care of her and the baby with a full commitment?” If the answer is no, then put your hands in your pocket and walk away.
  • I agree not to hit or physically attack a female.
  • I agree to keep my eyes open as a protector to identify situations in which a female is at risk and will try to take reasonable steps to help if possible.
  • I will encourage other males to take the Kectil Promise Leaders Pledge.